What is Genuine Leather Handles?

Understanding Genuine Leather Handles

Rawhide is the first layer of skin that has not been exposed to tanning. Byhands  Hande Craft processes the rawhide from cattle to make its genuine leathers. Because its leathers are made of rawhide, sometimes, they can have scratches, but they are soft and coated lightly to protect from dirt and moisture.
• Genuine Leather Frontside
The pattern is natural and inconsistent and may have some scratches.
The cowhide's underside is naturally not smooth. It may be left in its natural state, ground smooth, or synthetic leather is added. You can trust Byhands Hand Craft leather products to be made from the best quality leather available.


1. Cowhide Underside                                                                                       The underside of cowhide in their natural state is flaky and rough.


2. Underside Sanding

Sanding the underside removes all flakes and make it smooth.


3. Synthetic Inner Side

On some models, the synthetic leather is patched inside to prevent the leather from stretching.


  • Bullhide: made from bulls 3 years and older
  • Steerhide: made from bulls 2 years and older, it is usually thicker and pores are rough
  • cowhide: made from cow or heifer 2 years and older, this is used for full grain leather.
  • Kipskin: made from cattle 6 months to 2 years old
  • Gallskin: made from cattle 6 months old. Unfit for leather products.
Byhands Hand Craft genuine leathers are made from cowhide. Natural cowhide leather crafted products must be aware of moisture and temperature. 
Genuine leather color naturally changes over time for a more stylish look.
Bicast leather (aka PU Leather) is a material composed of split leather backing with a layer of PolyUrethane (Hence the term PU leather) that is applied to the surface and then embossed. Because it is only used for the backing, PU leather portion is generally not visible in finished goods made from Bicast leather. Compared to a genuine leather, it is cost effective and makes the finished product durable. However, a synthetic leather has smooth textured surface and genuine leather has the rough texture which is the distinctive trademark of a genuine leather.
4. Synthetic Leather
It is soft, smooth, and durable and they are often used in many handles.